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Guitar Lessons

While I have a graduate degree in guitar, I was self-taught as a kid and can relate to a variety of students because of that. My lessons incorporate music theory and ear training in very practical ways and with a background as a singer-songwriter, I can help students pursue many different musical directions. While the specific goals of lessons vary greatly, the ultimate goal does not, to instill in you the desire to keep learning and playing once the lesson has ended.

Guitar lessons are available in person or via Skype or Zoom.


“I first saw Aaron at a venue he was playing at with some other professors in a jazz group. I immediately noticed his mastery of the guitar and how easily he was able to execute musical ideas and improvise. I inquired about taking lessons from him shortly after this.

He is the kind of teacher that was able to recognize right away where I was as a musician. By the way I’ve been playing guitar for 20+ years and have had many music teachers. Also I gig regularly with several bands. At our first lesson he was able to explain concepts to me that were previously confusing and give me a whole new musical direction.

His approach to teaching has helped me to understand how to constantly learn new things on my own. Also how to mentally practice when I don’t have an instrument.

I would definitely recommend him and I have referred him to many people in person. He is an incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and humble teacher and musician. Another great aspect of his teaching is that he asks questions and tries to really understand where the student is coming from and what they want to learn. I’m very thankful to have met such a wonderful teacher. He has helped open many musical doors that before seemed impossible and confusing.”

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Nebraska Wesleyan Jazz Ensemble – Aaron Stroessner, Director 


Master Classes 

Dr. Stroessner has presented master classes at private music schools, colleges, and conservatories in topics ranging from music history, improvisation, ensemble interaction, guitar performance, and music industry.

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Aaron StroEssner

Lincoln, NE