Aaron Stroessner Quartet’s Newest Release


Eight original songs featuring:

Aaron Stroessner, guitar and songs

Kevin Lloyd, Hammond B3 organ, Wurlitzer piano, Accordion

Andrew Mell, bass

Andrew Wray, drums


“I’ve listened to your album twice now and I’ve got to say it’s really impressive.  I enjoyed it more the second time around (which is always a good sign). Great mix – everything is balanced nicely and tones are very authentic. The songs are solid … I like where you take the listener and it’s a nice sonic journey. I love your keyboard player [Kevin Lloyd] too. He’s a good listener to what you are doing and responds perfectly. Tasteful and mature. But the real star of the show is, of course, you. Well done, my friend. Classy jazz songwriting, and naturally-flowing arrangements. Your phrasing is what sets you apart, with smooth and almost vocal singing phrases. Your solos zig when I think you’re gonna zag, and that unpredictability keeps it interesting to listen to. My favorite songs are the more uptempo tunes where you use a little overdrive Dumble tone. Nice. Even the slow ones, you show off your knack for tasty color with the chords you’ve chosen… Again, fantastic job all around.”
—Scott Novak, guitar player and audio connoisseur 

Some thoughts on “Gifts”. Keep in mind that I am no music critic, and I really have no idea what I’m talking about. But anyway, some reactions:

I love the hammond organ, first of all, and I like how it pairs with your electric guitar… I also like the kind of 50s-60s hipster jazz vibe you kick up. I get that jazz is all about the improv, but I like a bit more structure around it, and the pieces you do more of that appeal to me the most. Even in the least structured pieces, I really liked the melodies. You’ve always had a nice ear for catchy phrasing — harkens back to your Dead Left work.

Be Still – I love the slow jam – really lets me hear the jazz improv come through and for a slow processor like me, it’s easier to enjoy.  (I have to listen to jazz with my eyes closed, especially at clubs, to hear what’s going on.)

Wonder – I loved the build and the uplift from this. Some Jeff Beck influence. In the later part of track, there is great interplay between the guitar and organ. I wanted this one to go on and traverse into some different area, but the ride as is was just fine.

Merry go Round – really liked this one. Little more up tempo and a lot of blending of more structured melodies with improv. Some fine wine in here.

Sit back – Shifting gears here, l like the energy.

Lost – Every new one seems to be a new fave. I like the melancholy feel at the beginning, and that old world accordion is the perfect accent.

Quarter Blues – I like the straight up blues.

VAD – Maybe my favorite track. Just so much energy and great playing on this one.

Wild West – Also one of my faves. I love the scene you set with this; wild west indeed.

—Greg Mischio, marketeer/author

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